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Homework : 12/19 = Grammar:Parts of Speech


  READ your AR BOOK(S).....It is an ongoing homework assignment in addition to any assignments listed above. You should try to read at LEAST 20 minutes daily.  You need 17 - 20 POINTS in the marking period to earn an "A".    You may need to read SEVERAL books to reach your goal.Take a QUIZ after you finish a book. You earn points based on the difficulty of the book and how well you do on the quiz.


 Only ONE AR test may be taken per day. You must choose books within most recent STAR test level (ZPD). If you want to read a book out of your level you MUST receive permission from the Reading teacher. 


Click the link below to search for books within your "reading zone" (ZPD) as determined by the STAR test .

                click > > >  www.arbookfind.com