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Language Practice  (Various English/Grammar Skills)   (Compound Sentences)

Language Practice

Math Practice

Math Practice

Math Practice (Multiflyer- multiplication facts practice)

Academic Skills Builder Practice    (Multiplication Practice)

Science Practice and Science Flashcards

Science Practice  (Earth and Space)  (Chapter A-1)  (Chapter A-2)   (Chapter A-3) (Chapter C-1) (Chapter C-2) (Chapter D-1) (Chapter D-2)  (Chapter D-3)

Magnetism and Electricity Flashcards (Chapter F-1)

Motion and Forces- Flashcards  (Chapter F-2)  (Chapter F-3) (Chapter E-1) (Chapter E-2) (Chapter E-3)

National Geographic for Kids

Social Studies Practice and Flashcards      ( Map and Atlas Skills)    (Chapter 1- Lesson 1)     (Chapter 1- Lesson 2)  (Chapter 1- Geography)    (Chapter 1- Lesson 3)   (Chapter 2 Review)  (Chapter 2- Lesson1)   (Chapter 2 Lesson 2)  (Chapter 3)  (Chapter 4- Lesson 1)   (Chapter 4 Lesson 2)    (Chapter 4 Lesson 3+ Geography Skills)   (Chapter 4 Lesson 4)   (Chapter 5- Lesson 1 and Study Skills)   (Chapter 5- Lesson 2and 3)   (Chapter 6- Lesson 1 and 2)   (Chapter 6- Lesson 3,4, and Study Skills)   (Chapter 10- Lesson 1)   (chapter 10- Lesson 2)    (Chapter 10- Lesson 3 and Study Skills)



 social studies.jpgSOCIAL STUDIES  (games) (games)  (White House and Presidents)  (States and Capitals)  (States and Capitals)