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Welcome Parents & Students!

Welcome to my home page! This website is intended to provide course information to my students and their parents or guardians for all classes that I teach during the current school year.  The course syllabus and expectations as well as a running list of homework assignments that were announced in class will be posted on this website.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments about the content of these webpages.

Click on the appropriate page from the menu up top to access your class webpage.

My Daily Schedule (2018-19)

Period 0 -->  Homeroom

Period 1 -->  Enrichment Period

Period 2 -->  Principles of Technology

Period 3 -->  Physics

Period 4 -->  Honors Chemistry

Period 5 -->  Physics

Period 6 -->  HALL DUTY

Lunch 'C'

Period 7 -->  Applied Bio-Chem 1

Period 8 -->  Applied Bio-Chem 1

Period 9 -->  PREP