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Welcome Parents & Students!

Thank you for visiting my class website. In this unprecedented time, we are all hoping to provide as many educational opportunities as possible for our children!  I will be updating my Google Classroom Stream (which all of your children have access to online) with various activities that students can do alone, with their siblings, or as a family.


UPDATED: 5/11  Chapter 16 with Pear Deck Activity


Week of 5/4:  Google Form and Study Island (Grammar) assessment for self-monitoring.

Week of 5/4:  Chapter 15: Twigs - Rewatch the instructional video below on Compound Subjects and Objects using "I" and "me" from April 30th - IXL Grammar Standard 6th Grade AA.2 (Remediate with 4th Grade JJ.4) and Trace an argument.- Sixth Grade G.4. 

Week of 5/4:  Listen/Read Chapter 13/14 Pear Deck Activities and Plot Summarizer Wizard respectively.  

Week of 5/4:  Chapter 12: Signs and Wonders - Class Discussion Thread (Incorporating Grammar using COMPOUND SENTENCES) 

Week of 4/27:  Chapter 11 and Watch the screen casted video on Compound Subjects and Objects using "I" and "me" instruction.    Then work on IXL Grammar Standard 6th Grade AA.2 (Challenge with 7th CC.2 or 8th DD.2 - Remediate with 4th JJ.4)

Week of 4/27:  Chapter 10 and Character Trait Writing Activity (One ACE for five different characters: Main Characters -San, Woody and Minor Characters - Sister Mary Clare, Mildred Romberger, and Woody's Mother.)

Week of 4/27:  Forced Perspective Photography Challenge - National Superhero Day Activity

Week of 4/27:  Chapter 9 and Mini Zen Garden Activity

Week of 4/20:  Burning Questions Review (Google Classroom)

Week of 4/20: Chapter 7 and 8 - IXL Theme Lesson and Pear Deck Activity

Week of 4/20:  Chapter 6 and Zen Buddhism Instructional Video and Class Discussion Thread.

Week of 4/15:  Chapters 4 and 5  Class Discussion Thread about 4 Noble Truths of the Buddist religion and a story elements activity.   

Week of 4/6:  Chapters 1-3 Zen and the Art of Faking It - Notetaker and Google PearDeck Activity (Google Classroom).

Week of 4/3:  Burning Questions Review (Google Classroom)

Week of 3/30:  Zen and the Art of Faking It introduction with Interactive Slide Presentation (Google Classroom)

Week of 3/30:  Study Island Assignment (Google Classroom)

Week of 3/30:  Screen Cast Tone Activity - IXL Review Lesson (Google Classroom) Finding Tone.mp4

Week of 3/30:  NewsELA Article (Google Classroom)

Week of 3/23:  End of the Week Review (Google Classroom: Burning Questions 3/27)

Week of 3/23:  Analogies Intro Video and IXL and Study Island learning opportunities.  Analogies IXL Intro.mp4

Week of 3/23:  Virtual Tour How-To Video of the Smithsonian Virtual Tour Walk Through.mp4

Week of 3/23:  NewsELA Article Links in Your Google Classrooms!  (Virtual Tours of Closed Museums or Information About Vaccines and Why They Are Important)

Week of 3/16:  Toothpick Bridge Activity



Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions regarding these educational experiences.  Also, I look forward to sharing comments, pictures, and/or video of the projects!  


Life is not always easy. Look within yourself and find the power to get through any and all adversity. 

If this situation has taught us anything, it is that life is unpredictable. Even the best laid plans will be disrupted.  Situations that are less than ideal will reveal our true character.  Each day we're apart... let's do our best to "WIN THE DAY".  

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