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Shull-David Elementary School & Mahoning Elementary School Art



Kindergarten: We are excited and ready to begin our first of many sculpture projects in the art room. We are learning the difference between 2D and 3D art, understanding what a sculpture is, and creating our a letter tile using model magic while creating textures to create a one of a kind hangable art!


First Grade1st grade students are in the middle of their ROY G. BIV painting project. We are reviewing the order of the rainbow while reinforcing painting techniques and experimenting with splatter paint! Our next project will continue with colors, as well learn about the difference between primary and secondary colors.


Second Grade: 2nd graders are wrapping up their Indian Elephant Festival elephants- and WOW they look great! Shortly we will be reviewing and exploring patterns in art while creating a winter inspired work of art!


Third Grade: 3rd grade students are exploring the ancient aboriginal people of Austrailia! We are creating our very own boomerang sculptures, using the original dot style design making with sticks and twigs! Did you know the aboriginal people of Austrailia used boomerangs as a weapon to kill animals? How neat!


Fourth Grade: 4th graders are finishing up their Grant Wood and Grandma Moses inspired landscapes. We are reviewing the idea that all landscape pictures have a foreground, middleground, and background. To create the illusions of objects getting further away we are drawing them different sizes. I cannot wait to see how their creative landscapes come to life! 


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