Mr. Triola's Sixth Grade Math Class


Mrs. Dillon!!

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Mrs. Dillon is a parent volunteer in our classroom and she comes in every Friday for the first half of the day.  She has been a part of my math classroom for about 15 years!

Mrs Dillon has two children who are both graduates from General McLane.  She lives in McKean with her husband, and has son Dan, who has graduated from college and is currently working as an Actuary, and a daughter Alli who is currently majoring in Engineering.  Mrs. Dillon started joining our math class when Dan was a student and has continued to return every year sense.

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Mrs. Dillon is truly a wonderful person who adds to our class at so many levels.  She always shows up with a smile and eagerness to get things moving.  She is very bright and very positive and the children love to have her around.  In truth it is because of her that we can do so many of the neat things we do.  Whether she is supplying us with pencils, batteries or encouragement she always ready! 

Mrs. Dillon, if you read this thank you so much for all you do!!