Mr. Triola's Sixth Grade Math Class


Over the Years

This page is a look back through the years.  It is dedicated to so many of the great students I have had over the years.  When we think of the General McLane Advantage this page says it all.  We teach to children at GM not to a test.  We know that our future lies in people and in the many positive experiences we can give them.

Moms, Dads, Students...enjoy!

2003-2004 Fifth Grade Math and Science!!  These kids are in college now!!

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Saved Old Pics 007.JPG
Saved Old Pics 008.JPG
Some of the gang from 2011-2012.

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April 3 2012 006.JPG
April 3 2012 007.JPG
April 3 2012 008.JPG
April 3 2012 012.JPG
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