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Welcome Parents & Students of Central Dauphin High School!

This is the home page for my Physics & 9th Grade Science classes.  I hope to make things as accessible and as useful as they can possibly be.  Please don't hesitate to contact me about any questions. 




 I believe in communicationI try to make things available to you.  If you need something you can't find, ASK!








My links

Quia.com - This is where I hold my assessments. 

         --> username: firstlast193

         --> Password (student number): #####

Wiggio.com - A great site for keeping in contact.

***Please note that students must join the wiggio groups to participate in polls and bulletin boards, but are not required to receive notifications on activity.  This site (my PA Department of Education website) is my official communication page.  All regular expectations and assignments are made clear in during school.  






The Pictures

Thanks to Ms. Keck

A student's rendering.



Ian Mens Retreat 2010 1.jpg

Frisbee style


Drinking Chicha in Ecuador

In the jungles of Ecuador.


This is what I would look like in my South Park cameo.