University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Teacher Education Program

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Please visit this site often to get the latest news and information.
If you have any questions about our program please don't hesitate to contact anyone listed below.

Dr. Wayne Brinda, Associate Professor
150 Swarts Hall

Dr. Jonathan Chitiyo, Assistant Professor
149 Swarts Hall

Dr. Donna Dombek, Associate Professor, Program Director
151 Swarts Hall

Dr. Shelly Klinek, Assistant Professor
Sport and Fitness Center

Ms. Jody Randolph, Database Manager & Certification and Placement Coordinator
152 Swarts Hall

Pitt-Bradford Adjunct Faculty

Sandy Caprarotta 814-598-2616
Tanya Dynda  
Marietta Frank 814-362-7614
Mary Gracey-Dalton  
Melissa Merry  
Janice Russell  814-368-7419