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Stuck on Homework?

What to do when you are stuck on homework:


Strategies to try:

1) Read the problem out loud.


2) Write down all the information you do know and draw a picture if applicable


3)Refer back to notes or vocabulary in your notes.


  4) Look back a few pages in your book to find an example like the homework problem. 


5) Do as much of the problem as you can and then seek help from others:

• Call a classmate.

• Ask for help from an adult or sibling at home.

• If the homework is not due the following day, I am more than happy to answer your questions the next day before school, during class, during homeroom, or after school.

6) If you have followed all of steps 1-5 above and the homework is due the next day, you need to:

• Write down everything you know about the problem and draw a picture, if applicable (step 2 above).

• Include AT LEAST 1 sentences explaining why you can’t complete the problem or what it is you don’t understand.  ADD DETAILS!!



I know the distance across the circle is ½ mile. I need to find out how far it is around the circle, so I need to find the circumference. I don’t know how to find the radius of ½ to find the circumference.