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Ways to Improve Your Math Grade

Here are some strategies you can use to improve your math grade:

  1. Re-take quizzes.
    • This will have the biggest impact on students grades because quizzes are 20% of your grade. In order to re-take a quiz students must first do test corrections on separate paper. Then, they need to show me their quiz corrections and sign up after the test for the re-take. They may not use their quiz corrections while re-taking it, but they are encouraged to use them to study prior to re-taking the quiz.
  2. Turn in complete homework on-time. Additionally, students should be sure they show their work to explain their thinking.
  3. Make corrections on homework when going over it in class.
    • We will go over all of the assigned problems on their homework, students should ask questions and correct their work where needed.
  4. Take advantage of feedback.
    • When classwork is collected students will be given feedback. It is expected that students correct their work and their thinking according to the feedback.
  5. Keep track of your grade at all times.
    • Take time to notice which area of your grade needs improvement, and then work on getting higher grades in that category.
    • For example: Say you have the breakdown of grades below.  I would focus my efforts in math to stay on focus during classwork and make sure my homework was complete and on time. 
Category Percentage
Homework 78%
Classwork 67%
Quizzes 90%
Tests 95%
Total Grade 83%