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 Worksheet directions can be found at the bottom of this page.

Docs urge delayed school start times

 Opting out: Frustrated parents pull kids from standardized tests

As popularity rises, so does risk of being bullied

 How opiods invaded America

 American teenagers getting less and less sleep, study shows

 Study: Too many video games may sap attention span

 The Science of Marijuana: How THC Affects the Brain

  It Feels Like Love — But Is It?

  One high school gym, two states, and the midcourt stripe has a secret

  Western Pa. districts aim to win back students from cyber charters

 Casual marijuana use linked to brain changes

 Caffeine overdose can cause health problems

Something has changed: People have been vaping for years, now they are dying

 Football’s Ultimate Cost: The Chad Stover Story

  Baby Wooly Mammoth discovered

  6 facts people should know about teachers

 Parents are doing it all wrong

 How schools would be judged under ‘Every Student Succeeds

  Put the Laptops Away

How Teachers Can Disrupt Fake News

The Absurd Structure of High Schools

Parents, Please stop saving your children



#1 Fact/Opinion worksheet (1st side)

          Please fill out using the 1st article that you chose.

#2 Pyramid worksheet (front)

          Please fill out using the 2nd article that you chose.

#3 Pyramid worksheet (back)

          Please fill out using the 2nd article that you chose.

#4 3 Reasons 3 Facts worksheet

          Please fill out using a 3rd article.

#5 Light bulb graphic organizer

          Please fill out using a 4th article.

#6 Persuasive essay plan

          Choose a debate topic from one of my articles OR from Procon

          This essay is a persuasive autobiography, so it needs to be about something about which you care deeply AND

            something that is in your personal experience.

         Choose a side.  Write your topic sentence.  Fill in the graphic organizer of your choice.

          You must use at least one article or website to support your positions AND you must be able to use your own personal experiences (i.e. the autobiography in persuasive autobiography).

          Your essay will conclude with a work(s) cited reference and it will include internal parenthetical documentation giving credit to the source.