College and Career Pathways Coordinator and Information Page

Community Service Hours Suggestions

You complete community service any time you are helping a member of the community without a monetary exchange.

Here are some examples of things you could do to fulfill your community service hours requirement.

1. Offer to rake leaves, shovel the sidewalk, or help with chores around the house of an elderly neighbor. (must be approved by advisor)

2. Teach computer skills to the elderly. (must be approved by advisor)

3. Volunteer to tutor a fellow classmate or younger student in a subject area you excel. (must be approved by advisor)

4. Coach a sport to a youth team.

5. Volunteer at an organized sporting event like a race. (Our school track team always needs participants.)

6. Volunteer at an event helping with registration, handing out water bottles, helping to set up or tear down, and other tasks.

7. Volunteer at a food bank.

8.  Volunteer at a local community kitchen serving meals.

9. Volunteer at at a church.

10. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

11. Volunteer at your local public library.

12. Visit a retirement home and spend time with the elderly playing games, etc.