Elementary School Counselor

Resource List


Geisinger Medical Center: 1-800-275-6401

Hershey Medical Center: 1-717-631-8338

KidsPeace: 1-800-346-7827

Adolescent Institute for Behavioral Health (Shcuylkill Health Hospital): 570-621-5551

Schuylkill Medical Center East Norwegian Street (Pottsville, PA): 570-621-4000

Schuylkill Medical Center South Jackson Street (Pottsville, PA): 570-621-5000

County Human Services Agencies:

Schuylkill County Assistance Office: 570-621-3000 or 1-877-306-5439

Schuylkill County Bridge Housing (Homeless Agency): 570-624-7764

Schuylkill County Housing Authority (Section 8): 570-385-34000

Schuylkill County Juvenile Justice: 570-628-1245

Schuylkill County MH/MR and D&A: 570-621-2890

Mental Health Casemanagement Services

Service Acess and Management (wrap around services): 570-621-2700 or 1-877-216-5035

Crisis Intervention

Crisis Intervention (24 hour service): 1-877-993-4357

Counseling Providers and Behavior Health Services

Access Service:  Counseling and behavioral health, wrap around, TSS, behavioral therapy.    570-366-5096 (outpatient) 570-366-1154 (wrap around) 

ACE: Outpatient therapy, wrap around, TSS, behavioral and mobile therapy.         570-622-8330

Child and Family Support: Outpatient therapy, psychiatric services, TSS, behavioral and mobile services.  570-622-9860

Good Samaritan Center for Counseling: Drug and Alcohol counseling.    570-622-5898

Northwestern Human Services Inc.:   Offers outpatient counseling       570-628-3323

New Beginnings:  Provides counseling for children, adults, family, couples, groups and psychiatric evaluations.   570-773-3470 or 570-622-9101

Pinnacle Health Hospice: Bereavement Counseling and Camp Dragonfly. 570-628-2290 or 1-800-222-5236

Providence Community Services:Children and adolescent counseling, home and school-based therapeutic activities, wrap around. 570-622-6417

Psychological Associates: Provide therapy for individuals, couples, families, psychological evaluations, parent trainings.  570-622-1025

Rape and Victim Assistance Center of Schuylkill County: 570-628-2965 or 1-800-344-8094

Redco: Outpatient therapy  570-628-5234

Schuylkill Therapy Associate: 570-385-8490

Schuylkill Women and Crisis: 570-622-3991

Ms. Ami Riegel, MSW: 570-640-3744

Partial Hospitalization Providers

Counsel House: 570-544-9186

Child Abuse/Neglect

Schuylkill County Children and Youth Services: 570-628-1050

Childline: 1-800-932-0313     Parent support and education: 1-800-448-4906

Family Planning and Services

Child Development, Inc. (Head Start/Child Care): 570-773-2202

Maternal and Family Services (WIC): 570-628-5250

Nurse-Family Partnership of Schuylkill County: 570-628-2611

Schuylkill Intermediate Unit #29 (Early Intervention): 570-544-9131

Schuylkill Wellness Services: 570-622-3980

SELECT: 570-874-0137