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Dear Fairview Families,


Please encourage your child to study every night to best prepare for science quizzes; I remind them in class, but sometimes "studying" isn't viewed as homework.  :-)  Students should use their notebook notes, cloze notes, and lab/experiment papers as study guides.


We began discussing topics from Earth History - Rocks, Minerals, Fossils

Students recently completed a quiz regarding “Sedimentary Rocks and Formation”; we’ll be exploring the following concepts over the next few weeks (we’ll spend longer amounts of time on less concepts due to upcoming disruptions (there’ll be a number of interruptions to our academic calendar – PSSAs, spring party/break, Science Fair activities, assemblies, etc.):

-Discuss fossils (definition and types) in sedimentary rocks
-Discuss fossil records and geologic time scale
-Use fossils to discuss history of Earth
-Explore ancient environments through the discussion of fossils
-Determine age of rocks based on relationship to other rocks
Students can log into FOSS any time to explore class-related activities and/or reread p. 40-63, 167-175.  Students may read any of the information contained within the “Earth History” online book any time (i.e. to review or preview).  However, we’ll be focusing on the above pages for the next several weeks (along with their cloze notes).



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