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The objective of the Technology Education Curriculum is to prepare students to live in and contribute to a competitive and complex technological society. To develop an understanding of the technological system and a appreciation for past, present, and future significance of technology in our society. To achieve technological literacy with the ability to use and apply technology in life. To provide opportunity in activity based applications for developing knowledge, skills, and interest regarding technology. To nurture design, problem solving, cooperative learning, and other life long skills. To develop communication, social interaction, and working cooperation skills. To integrate subject areas through activity based applications. To provide activity based applications in design, technical drawing, and prototyping. To develop basic skills in CADD. To develop basic skills in the safe and efficient use of materials, processes, tools, and machines used in the technological system. To expose students to educational and career opportunities.


the application of knowledge, tools, and skills to solve problems and extend human capabilities.

Broadly speaking, technology is how people modify the natural world to suit their own purposes. From the Greek word techne, meaning art or artifice or craft, technology literally means the act of making or crafting, but more generally it refers to the diverse collection of processes and knowledge that people use to extend human abilities and to satisfy human needs and wants.

Technology — 1. Human innovation in action that involves the generation of knowledge and processes to develop systems that solve problems and extend human capabilities. 2. The innovation, change, or modification of the natural environment to satisfy perceived human needs and wants.

Technological Literacy — The ability to use, manage, understand, and assess technology.

Technology Education — A study of technology, which provides an opportunity for students to learn about the processes and knowledge related to technology that are needed to solve problems and extend human capabilities.