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My name is Ms. Sally Smock and I am a learning support teacher, qualified to teacher Pre-K to 12th grades. My experience began as an elementary teacher in Oswayo Valley for two years, then I moved into teaching learning support in Otto-Eldred Junior and Senior High School for seven years. After that, I moved to Port Allegany High School where I taught life skills students for one year.  Following this experience, I taught learning support junior and senior high school students for two years, then moved to the elementary school.  Elementary school teaching is most enjoyable to me, so I am very happy to be here.

What do I do?

There are many needs for students as every person is an individual.  The learning support team works with the parents, students, teachers, therapists, psychologist, and adminstration to find the best course of action to help students succeed.

Once a student is assigned to me, or placed on my roster, I study her/his testing results and talk with the student to determine what areas are of the greatest concern in their learning. It is surprising how much the students know about themselves and where their stumbling blocks become the greatest problem.

The classroom teachers and I work together to utilize classroom management strategies and teaching methods to best reach the variety of students in each class.  Many times, I arrange the groups, find or create extra target materials, adapt tests, and teach.

Reading Assistance:

Whenever possible, students are within the regular education classroom for instruction, with some additional assistance as needed. A complete plan of action is implemented from the specially designed instruction portion of their IEP's, along with goals for achievement to ensure their success. 

Pull-out Services: Students who are unable to achieve the needed success within the classroom will have a few minutes each day in small group instruction to further boost their reading abilities.

There are a variety of approaches for struggling readers including, but not limited to: Reading Mastery, Corrective Reading, Lexia, Fry Word Lists, and phonemic awareness.

I have utilized all of the above programs and strategies, sometimes combining concepts to better improve the reader's understanding and application of material.  

Math Assistance:

As mentioned above for reading, students are kept in the regular education setting as much as possible, but sometimes, students need small group instruction to target specific areas for success in math as well. I also work with groups of students applying a variety of teaching approaches for their benefit.

Pull-out Services: Students who need more intense math assistance with math sometimes use Saxon math.  Many times progress with drill and practice, along with discussing how math concepts work, and then applying them is most beneficial.  I have developed some games for students to play that assist in learning the basic skills of addition, subtraction and multiplication. Those are on the next page.