T Mykut

Information for All Classes


Class requirements:  a writing utensil, a notebook, and a scientific calculator.  I can lend a calculator to use in class, but it is to your advantage to have your own.

I recommend a TI 30xII s/b or TI 83 or 84 graphing calculator. 

For the 30xII solar or battery is fine.  If you invest in a graphing calculator, the model is your personal preference.  TI 89's will not be allowed to use in class.  

The classroom software I use is for Texas Instruments.


Assignments are an effort grade.  Full credit, 2 pts, is given for trying every problem.  A '1' grade indicates an assignment was finished except for trying 1 or 2 problems.  A '0' grade indicates an assignment needs completed.  All assignments can be completed during a marking period for partial credit , a 0 is changed to a 1.


All assignments can be found on Power School.