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PHYSICAL SCIENCE (Grade 9-12) 0.5 credit CN 501


This course includes a basic study of physics. The course starts with the measurement of physical quantities in the metric system. Knowledge of the measurement system allows student to perform experiments in both chemistry and physics throughout the year.  Half of a year is spent on basic topics of physics. Students will study forces, energy, sound, simple machines, and basic electrostatics.






Physics is a course designed for the student who plans on attending a two or four year college in a field other than math, or science. The students will learn the basic laws and principles of physics in classical mechanics, waves, and DC electricity. This is mathematically based course requiring students to be able to solve problems involving algebra and geometry. Students should expect homework and reading assignments every week. This course should prepare a student for a college physical science course or an introductory physics course.


This course is designed to prepare a student to take the AP Physics B Exam. The Advanced Placement program is designed to allow students to study college level physics while still in high school. At many colleges, if a student scores high enough on the AP Physics B Exam, he/she will be granted college credits and allowed to place out of introductory courses. This is a NON-CALCULUS based course, but the course content requires a strong knowledge of Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry. The course covers all of the topics covered in a full-year non-calculus college physics course. These topics are: Vectors and Scalars, Classical Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Waves and Optics, and Modern Physics. Students who have previously taken Physics are not eligible to take this course.



STATISTICS (Grades 11-12) 1 credit

Statistics is an elective course that provides the necessary fundamental background in statistics for the student who plans

to enter fields such as economics, business, education, psychology, sociology, medicine, mathematics, and physical

science. Students will be familiarized with basic statistical concepts like mean and standard deviation. They

will also learn extensively about the related topic of probability. Students will also be introduced to the basic concepts of

logic in a short unit.          Completion of Algebra 2 required.