Mrs. Foberg: Math & Science

Mr. Rabenold: ELA (Lang Arts) and Social Studies

5th Grade - Lehighton Area Elementary Center

  ~Welcome Back!  September 2021

The following website will not be updated.

We will use CANVAS as our primary mode of updating assignments etc.

However, we are leaving it here because there are a lot of good resources here you might want to explore from time to time, particularly for assistance and links to helpful sites.

CLICK "MENU" for various resoruces for each of your classes.  (Most, if not all and more, of these resources are available on CANVAS.

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ENCORE Class Schedule:

Mrs. Foberg-

Day #1- Art (Mrs. Scholl)

Day #2 - P.E. (Mr. Ellis)

Day #3- Technology/Library   (Mrs. Rex/Mrs. Brownmiller)

Day #4 - Music (Mrs. Kulpa)


Mr. Rabenold-

Day#1: Music (Mrs. Kulpa)     

Day #2:   Art (Mrs. Scholl)   

Day #3: P.E. (Ms. Messigner)                         

Day #4: Technology/Library (Mrs. Rex/Mrs. Brownmiller)                         





 STUDENT CREATED CLASS BLOG - Look what creative things our students are doing.  Check Back Often. 


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Mrs. Foberg (  


*All math assignments are now on canvas.  Please check canvas!

Hi boys and girls.  I miss being in school with all of you.  I’m still singing our math and science songs.  They are stuck in my head!  I hope they are in yours too.  I have a bunch of different fun activities for you all to work on.  None of this is mandatory, however it’s going to be fun for you to play.  For some of them you can create your own characters, earn and spend coins, earn badges, play multiplayer games, and watch animated movies.  I’m having a blast playing them!  It is important to keep working your brain and staying motivated.  Below is a suggested schedule per day:

I know it-1 learning path (15 questions)

eSpark or Dream Box Learning: 1 learning path or about 20 minutes

Brainpop:  Watch one video and try out an interactive quiz

Arcademics or Cool Math:  Try out some fun lessons and games!





*All science assignments are now on canvas.  Please check canvas!

~ Weekly Assignments for Math/Science for the week of 4/14/2020:

  1. I Know It: Choose any review assignement I assigned to you on the program
  2. Arcademics: complete a few fact fluency games
  3. Mystery Science mini lesson:How much water is in the world? 
  • Click this click
  • Click 5th Grade
  • Click How much water is in the world?
  • (the acitivity to go with the mini lesson is optional;you do not need to do it; just watch the video and answer the questions as you go along

*Check the Math and Science tab for the links. Remember these are just suggestions; nothing is mandatory

~ Weekly Assignments for Math/Science for the week of 4/6/2020:

  1. I Know It: Choose any review assignement I assigned to you on the program
  2. Dream Box Learning: complete 1 learning path on this program
  3. Watch Science Show by Mystery Doug & write a response paragraph to it (include 3 things you learned & 2 things you thought were interesting)

*Check the Math and Science tab for the links. Remember these are just suggestions; nothing is mandatory



~2. Live Science Show - Mystery Doug this Tuesday, April 7th at 1pm.  

P.S. Can't watch it live, that's okay you can still watch it afterwards. Go to the science tab for my information.


Mr. Rabenold ( 

 English Language Arts (ELA)

 EVERYTHING IS DUE BY THURSDAY - However you always have until SUNDAY EVENING to finish it.

~#1. "HOLES" - Read Ch 31-38 -Practice Test + actual Test  - Make sure you are keeping up with the reading.  Do not take the test unless you are ready by reading the chapters.


~ #2. ENRICHMENT - EXTRA - Not Mandatory - Journal Everyday - Create something everyday.  Read or think of a poem for inspiration. Read something new that you never read before, google "Why is the sky blue?" or anything that might be on your mind.  Write about it.  Interview a family member, ask for a favorite childhood memory.  Write about it.  Interview them again a few days later, see if they have anything new to add.  Keep a journal of what you are doing from day to day.  Then, once you have several days of this, create something from it.  Create a ficional story about someone or some event.  Create conflict in your story and create how the character deals with the conflict.  Use characters from our stories for inspiration.  JOIN THE GROUP POETRY CHAT everyday - See what your friends are talking about, a good place to share ideas. 



~ #3.ENRICHMENT - EXTRA - Not Mandatory ~

BrainPop ANYTIME -  Access BrainPop (See Link below here).

    • CLick "English"
    • Click "Famous Authors and Books" from the Units page (default).
    • Clich ANY of the 25 people/books- Pick, watch the video, read.  
    • THEN WRITE - A one paragraph summary for each topic.
    • Do one topic and summary Monday.  Do a 2nd topic and summary on Tues
    • Brainpop:Animated movies, interactive quizzes. Click the link below.

      ·     Class Login In button (top right)

      ·     Username: Foberg

      ·     Password: Indians5





All assignments will stay open until Sunday at 10:00 PM:

 ~#1: Chapter 10 Study Guide - 44 blanks plus 4 Questions at the end.  This will not be an easy task because you will need to have your "book" open, your "worksheet" open, and your answer sheet either "open" or real sheet of answers.  I believe it will be easiest to physically do if you have an acutual piece of paper.  See the screen cast that demonstrates (and actually gives FREE answers).




~ #2. NOT MADATORY - ENRICHMENT - BrainPop Anytime:

Access BrainPop (See Link Above in ELA).

  • CLick "Social Studies"
  • Click "How People Behave" TOPICS at the top.
  • Clich ANY of the over 100 topics to pick, watch the video, read.  
  • THEN WRITE - A one paragraph summary for each topic.
  • Do one topice and summary Monday.  Do a 2nd topic and summary on Tues.
  • OR - Find anytopic from History to Georgraphy to Inventions etc to watch videos, take quizzes, etc.
  • Census Interactive USA Map - Have fun with this! Explore. - Try this for fun.  If you spend a lot of time on it, you can write a summary and turn it in for credit.




Our 2019-20 Students


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We will be discussing what "service" means.  

From the Volunteer Firefighters who visited our school (and their countless hours of training, fire calls in the middle of the night, to talking to school kids) to the Parents who volunteer in our schools to make sure we get field trips, to the many other leaders such as our coaches, our Scout leaders, to people who work on making our town a better place.  All these people want to serve a purpose and help others.

This idea goes further - To the men and women who served our country in times of need: from the Revolutionary War, to WWI and WWII, Korea, 9/11, and the War On Terror.  People have done their duty to their country for the benefit of many.

Take a look at some of the people in the Lehighton area who have served by skimming over these links.  You will find many stories of selfless determination:


Pete Semanoff thought of others when he was a 5th grader at Lehighton - It led to a friendship with a war hero no one every knew before: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

My Uncle Ezzie Kreiss - Lost at Sea Days Before D-Day: (Links to an external site.)

Walter Haydt, Lost at Sea near Austrailia - First Lehighton person lost during WWII: (Links to an external site.) 

Perhaps the best example of self-lessness was my dear friend Ira Smith - Even though he lost everything, he was always positive: (Links to an external site.)


My Dad’s Korean War Story “Keep the Faith”- (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)


We Are Blessed – Tribute to Lehighton Grad Mike Wargo who fought in Afghanistan and lost his “war at home.”  A monument with his silhouette is down on the by-pass: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)


The Lehighton American Legion Turned 100 years old in September of this year: (Links to an external site.)


Think, Love, Remember: (Links to an external site.)


We are looking  at these stories to explore as many examples of service as we can find to understand the importance of what serivce means.