Welcome to Mrs. Blisard's Third Grade Class!

Social Studies

Social Studies Book.jpg 

Our Social Studies Textbook is titled "Communities:  Adventures in Time and Place" and is published by McGraw Hill.  Here is a link to take you to the website for more information: 



What are we learning in class right now?

We will begin our lessons starting at the beginning of the 2nd Marking Period.  The first lesson is about what makes up a community. 
A project will be assigned for the second marking period.  The students usually enjoy this project because it helps them learn about what the town of Lehighton has to offer.  You can download the instructions here: 


Here is a study guide for our first quiz on Geography vocabulary: Back to School Study Guide0001.pdf

The first TEST will include all the same vocabulary words and students will be required to label all of the Continents and Ocean on a blank map as well as


I advise the students to study a little section each night so they are not trying to cram for the test the night before it is given.