Mrs. Williams' 6th Grade Class

Country Report Outline

Country Report


Country Report is divided into five parts

  1. Flag
  2. Map
  3. Outline
  4. Report
  5. Mini-Float


  1. Flag:  Draw the flag of your country on 9x12 white drawing paper (provided)

Due Date _______________________________


  1. Map:  Make a map of your country on 18x24 oak tag paper (provided).  First make a rough copy and show it to your teacher before you receive your oak tag.  The map should include:
    1. Major cities and capital
    2. Elevation (colored)
    3. Surrounding countries in gray or brown and/or bodies of water in blue
    4. Major rivers
    5. Major products
    6. Legend (for products and elevation
    7. Compass rose
    8. Parallels and meridians
    9. Name of Your COUNTRY in large letters

Rough Due Date __________________  Final Due Date ______________

  1. Outline:  Use correct outline form.  The good copy of your outline will be stapled to the report!  (Insert it after the list of facts in your report)

 Due Date _______________________________

  1. Report:
    1. Cover Page- Name the country and give 6 symbols that represent your country.  Do this in a colorful creative way (collage, pictures, drawings, etc.)  Also have your name on the front.
    2. Introduction Page- Explain in detail the symbols that are on your cover page.
    3. World Map- Color in all of the United States red and your country orange.  (world map will be provided)
    4. List of Facts:  Type the list of facts paper
    5. Outline:  Good copy is put in here
    6. Written Report- Written in paragraph form, with a BEGINNING and ENDING PARAGRAPH  The contents of the paper should have:

                                                              i.      Geography

                                                            ii.      History

                                                          iii.      Government

                                                          iv.      Climate

                                                            v.      Resources/industry/products

                                                          vi.      Recreation/tourist attractions

                                                        vii.      Famous people-Associated with your country and their accomplishments. 

                                                      viii.      Food of your country

                                                          ix.      Other miscellaneous facts-any other interesting facts about your country

                                                            x.      Reaction- Include your feeling about writing this report on your country.  Would you like to visit this country? If so, what would you like to see most?  Finally, list at least 4 things that everyone should know and remember about your country. 

                                                          xi.      Bibliography Page- List at least 3 sources that you found for your information and follow the correct bibliography format (Each student will receive a format to help them



Due Date _____________________


  1. Country Mini-Floats- Each student will construct a country mini-float on wheels.  Using whatever: little wagon, little buggy, construct your own, etc.  Be CREATIVE!  The float should include things that represent that country. It must include the name of the country on the float and at least 6 objects that represent the country.  It can be a family project!  We will have a parade through the gym after the mini-floats are completed.  The mini-floats will be judged and prizes will be awarded.   

Due Date ________________