University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Teacher Education Program

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements:

When you are accepted to Pitt-Bradford, you may declare education as a major but you are not considered a teacher education candidate until you have been officially admitted into a teacher certification program. You must be formally admitted into a certification program by the end of the semester in which you will complete 60 credits.

Due to Pennsylvania regulations for teacher education programs, if you are transferring more than 60 credit hours to Pitt-Bradford you must provide evidence of basic skills competencies in mathematics, reading and writing. If you have more than 60 credit hours and have not passed a basic skills assessment, please contact Jody Randolph at or Donna Dombek at to discuss your options.

You must meet certain criteria and provide some items before you can be officially admitted into a teacher education program:

  • Successfully complete a minimum of 48 credits
  • Successfully complete basic skills requirement
  • Achieve a cumulative grade point average of 3.0. You can be provisionally admitted with a 2.8 GPA.
  • Successful completion, with at least a grade of C- in the following courses: Introduction to Education and Instructional Design
  • Provide copies of current clearances
  • Provide Tuberculin Test (TB Test) results
  • Provide a Career Goals Statement
  • Provide three Letters of Recommendation

The PA Department of Education requires all undergraduate certification candidates to pass basic skills assessments.  Candidates may choose one of the three options below. Effective March 2016, scores can be combined from different testing vendors. 

Score requirements are shown below and are also on the PA Department of Education's website.
Also available on that page is a calculator for determing if composite scores qualify.

If a student has qualifying SAT scores, a report must be submitted to the Education Program. We do not have access to scores that are sent to the Pitt-Bradford Admissions Office. A report can be downloaded from the College Board website.

Basic Skills Assessments
I. Alternate Basic Skills Assessments for all Certificates
Test Name Minimum Score Per Section Test Vendor 
Critical Reading, Math & Writing
Old Scores:
Reading 500; Math 500; Writing 500
New Scores effective 2/29/16:
Reading 27; Math 26; Writing 28
College Board 
English, Writing & Math

Old Scores:
Reading 22; Math 21; Writing 21
New Scores effective 8/31/16:
Reading 22; Math 21; Writing 8

 II. Pre-Service Academic Performance Assessment (PAPA)  
 Test Name Qualifying Score
Composite Score
Test Vendor Cost
 PAPA Reading - #8001 220  193  ES Pearson $37
 PAPA Mathematics - #8002 193 176*  ES Pearson $44
 PAPA Writing - #8003 220  192  ES Pearson $37
 All three modules       $110
If the sum of reading, math and writing modules total 633 or higher AND each module's score meets the minimum composite score above, the basic skills requirement has been met.
*PDE will accept a score of 174 from candidates accepted into a certification prior to 8/31/16.
III. Alternate Basic Skills Assessment - Core Academic Skills for Educator Tests 
 Test Name Qualifying Score
 Minimum Composite Score  Test Vendor Cost
 Core Reading - #5713 156 148 ETS $90
 Core Mathematics - #5733 142 132 ETS $90
 Core Writing - #5723 162 158 ETS $90
 Core Combined - #5752 Reading, Writing and Mathematics combined   ETS $150
If the sum of reading, math and writing modules total 460 or higher AND each module's score meets the minimum composite score above, the basic skills requirement has been met.     

The PAPA and Core modules are computer-delivered tests. For study guides, practice tests and location information go to the following links:
Core -

Pitt-Bradford recently purchased a preparation program from Longsdale Publishing to help students prepare for the PAPA modules. This can also be helpful in preparing for the Core modules. See the following document for instructions to use the program:U of Pittsburgh Bradford PAPA Instructions Student.pdf

To purchase additional preparation materials: Fee-Based practice test information.pdf

If you choose to take the PAPA modules through Pearson, are currently enrolled in an undergraduate program and are currently receiving financial aid, you may be eligible for a fee waiver. Use this form: PECT_FeeWaiverRequestForm.pdf.

Applications for Admission to a Certification Program in Teacher Education:
Application for Admission to Certification Program 2211.pdf
Post-Baccalaureate Application for Admission to Certification Program.pdf

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"I can't believe I am already in my second year of teaching. I can't thank you all enough for everything. Pitt-Bradford has an amazing education program. I have all of my college binders in my classroom and I'm constantly pulling resources from them!"

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