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Pennsylvania Learning Standards for Early Childhood

Pennsylvania Learning Standards for Early Childhood are research based standards that identify key learning areas of development for children and are reflected in the Core Body of Knowledge competencies.  The Standards guide practitioners to intentionally integrate developmental knowledge with the attitudes, skills, and concepts children need to make progress in all learning areas. The Standards documents are available for Infants and Toddlers; Pre-Kindergarten; Kindergarten; First; and Second Grades

Pennsylvania's Learning Standards for Early Childhood were revised in 2014 to connect directly to the 3rd - 12th grade Standards and Standards Aligned System. Additionally, the revised Standards include an emphasis on the play experiences young children should experience as they learn and develop skills, along with important cognitive processes young learners are acquiring to support their understanding of concepts.  Strands, competencies and competencies are all included in the Learning Standards for Early Childhood, along with Essential Questions and Big Ideas that are part of the Standards Aligned System. The Learning Standards documents include Standards, Standard Statements, Concepts and Competencies, and Supportive Practices.

OCDEL-funded early learning programs, including PA Pre-K Counts, Keystone STARS, Head Start Supplemental Assistance, and PA Early Head Start, are required to utilize Pennsylvania's Learning Standards for Early Childhood as the framework for lesson planning. As stated in Chapter 4 of the School Code, school-based early childhood programs should also be developing standards-based curricula.

The Learning Standards are available for viewing and downloading at:


2014 Infant/Toddler Standards (English) 

2014 Infant/Toddler Standards (Spanish)

2014 PreKindergarten Standards (English)

2014 PreKindergarten Standards (Spanish)

2016 Kindergarten Standards (English)

2016 1st Grade Standards (English)

2016 2nd Grade Standards (English)

2014/2016 Learning Standards Continuum

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Standards can be ordered by visiting http://www.shoppaheritage.com/collections/education