Miss Mealy's Kindergarten Website

Educational Videos

Kindergarten uses many videos on YouTube to make the learning more fun!  Some of our favorites are Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel, The Learning Station, Harry Kindergarten, Have Fun Teaching, and StoryBots.  

Reading/Phonics Videos:

Jack Hartmann Workout to the Letter Sounds

Jack Hartmann Letter A (There is one of these songs for each letter)

Have Fun Teaching Letter A Song (There is one of these songs for each letter)

Sight Words Rap

Sight Words Exercises 

Math Videos

Count to 100 Singing Walrus

Count to 120 Jack Hartmann

Count to 100 Spiderman

Count to 100 Cool Dude

2D Shapes Song

3D Shapes Song Harry Kindergarten

When You Subtract with a Pirate

All Subjects

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