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Sight Word Practice

Sight Word Practice Ideas

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Here are some fun ideas to practice sight words:

1. Jello Powder: Take the Jello powder, put it on a plate or baking sheet, and have students write the words.

2. Shaving Cream: Take the shaving cream, put it on a table or counter, and have your student write the sight word.

3. Sight Word Hunt: Write the sight words on index cards, hang those index cards all around your house, and set a timer for 3 minutes. When you say the sight words, the student has to find them. See how many he or she can find in 3 minutes!

4. Play-Doh: Make the sight words out of Play-Doh.

5. Magazine Search: Find sight words in magazines or newspapers.

6. Sight Word Building: Use magnetic letters or create letter tiles to build the sight words.

7. Here is a link to many more sight words ideas: Sight Words Games on www.sightwords.com