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Math Skills Practice

Here is a list of math skills your student will practice during kindergarten.   For some fun games to practice specific skills, please follow the underlined links on this page.  The links will take you directly to the games.   All the games are free.  Thank you and enjoy!

Identify 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional Shapes

Monster Mansion Shape Match on www.abcya.com    

Identify the Numbers From 1 to 100 and Count to 100

Number Chart on www.abcya.com

Adventure Man and the Counting Quest on www.abcya.com 

Blast Off! Numerical Order on www.abcya.com  

Post a Letter on www.itcgames.com

Count on From a Number 

Connect the Dots on www.abcya.com

Blast Off on www.topmark.co.uk

Helicopter Rescue on www.topmarks.co.uk 

Add and Subtract Numbers within 10

Marble Math on www.abcya.com

Balloon Pop Subtraction on www.abcya.com (1st Grade Tab)

Addition <=10 on www.starfall.com

Addition and Subtraction on www.starfall.com

Molly Adds & Subtracts from 10 on www.abcya.com

Number Balance on www.mathzone.net 

Compare Numbers to Find Greater, Less Than, and Equal To

Comparing Number Values Jr. on www.abcya.com

Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To on www.starfall.com  

Count, Record, and Read Simple Graph

Fuzz Bugs Graphing (1st Grade Tab)

Fruit Fall on www.toytheater.com  

Know Numbers are Composed of 10s and 1s (Thirteen is 1 Ten and 3 Ones) 

Compose & Decompose on www.starfall.com

Place Value Basket Ball on www.topmarks.co.uk 

Recite the Days of the Week

Adventure Man Days of the Week on www.abcya.com  

Recite the Months of the Year

Adventure Man Months of the Year on www.abcya.com  

Count by 5s and 10s

Number Bubble Skip Counting on www.abcya.com

Skip Counting by 5s on www.softschools.com