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Reading Skills Practice

Here is a list of reading skills your student needs to practice to be ready for first grade.  To practice a combination of these skills, please visit www.lexiacore5.com and enter your username and password.  To practice specific skills, please follow the underlined links on this page.  The links will take you directly to the games.  Thank you and enjoy!


Identify the Letters and the Letter Sounds

ABCs on www.starfall.com

Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Match on www.abcya.com

Alphabetical Order on www.abcya.com

Monster Mansion Letter Match on www.abcya.com

Monster Mansion Alphabet Match on www.abcya.com 

Identify the Vowels and Their Sounds

Word Machines on www.starfall.com

Matching Short Vowels on www.starfall.com

Vowel Video on www.starfall.com   

Phonics Missing Vowel on www.softschools.com 

Recognize and Produce Rhyming Words

Alphabats Rhyming on www.abcya.com

Fox in Socks on www.seussville.com

 Identify Beginning Sounds

Alphabats Alliteration on www.abcya.com

Beginning Sounds on www.softschools.com

Odd Sound Out on www.topmarks.co/uk 

Identify Ending Sounds

Ending Sounds Game on www.softschools.com

Slides on www.literactive.com

Garden Leaves on www.literactive.com 

Blend Sounds to Make Words

Word Machines on www.starfall.com  

Read Consonant, Vowel, Consonant Real and Nonsense Words (Example: cat, sug)

Short a Story Zac the Rat on www.starfall.com 

Short e Story Peg the Hen on www.starfall.com

Short i  Story The Big Hit on www.starfall.com

Short o Story Mox's Shop on www.starfall.com

Short u Story Gus the Duck on www.starfall.com

All Short Vowel Stories can be found on www.starfall.com under Kindergarten Learn to Read

CVC  Flashcards on www.softschools.com

Phonics Games Scramble on www.softschools.com

Phonics Bloom on www.topmarks.co/uk

Real and Nonsense Words with Odd and Bob on www.topmarks.co/uk 

Read Sight Words

Sight Word Bingo on www.abcya.com

Sight Word Smash on www.roomrecess.com 

Identify Digraphs or H Brothers (sh, th, ch, wh)

sh on www.starfall.com

 th on www.starfall.com

ch on www.starfall.com

wh on www.starfall.com

All digraphs are found on www.starfall.com under Kindergarten Learn to Read on the right hand side.

Ch Sh Wh Sh Sounds on www.softschools.com 

Consonant Blends (bl,cl,fl,gl,pl,sl, and br,cr,dr,fr,gr,pr,tr)

Consonant Blends on www.abcya.com

L Blends on www.softschools.com

R Blends on www.softschools.com