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Dual Enrollment


 Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC) has partnered with Lehighton Area School District to provide college level courses through dual enrollment. Course offered will be available to students at the LCCC campus, online through the virtual college option and at Lehighton High School.


The benefits of dual enrollment include:

  • Transition from high school to college level courses
  • The ability to earn college credits that may be transferable to another college
  • Experiment with courses in areas of interest
  • Experience the demands of college level courses
  • Jump-start a college degree while saving money


Students who are eligible to participate in the dual enrollment program include current 11th and 12th grade students.   

Please stop in the guidance office or see your counselor for a lising of Dual Enroment classes offered at LHS each semester.


The following is a list of dual enrollment classes offered  on-line through the virtual college or on the campuses of LCCC

Accounting 160: Principles of Accounting

Art History 101: Introduction to Art

Biology 105: Introduction to Biology

Business 120: Introduction to Business Organization

Business 211: Principles of Management

Business 221: Principles of Marketing

Computer Science 105: Introduction to Computers and Applications 

Criminal Justice 101: Introduction to Criminal Justice

English 105: College English I

Geography 110: Cultural Geography

Geography 115: World Regional Geography

History 123: United States to Reconstruction

History 124: United States Since Reconstruction

Math 150: Probability & Statistics

Math 160: College Algebra

Music 101: Introduction to Music

Music 107: American Popular Music

Philosophy 201: Introduction to Philosophy

Political Science 130: Introduction to Political Science

Psychology 140: Introduction to Psychology

Religion 201: Comparative Religion

Sociology 150: Introduction to Sociology

Sociology 151: Modern Social Problems

Sports Management 101: Introduction to Sports Management


A full description of each course and pre-requisites can be found in the LCCC catalogs in the guidance office or on-line at www.lccc.edu. Any other classes not listed above require LAHS administrative and LCCC approval.  Students must meet the prerequistes established by LCCC and may be requested to take a compass placement test prior to placement in a class.

  • Any student interested in taking a dual enrollment class in English, Math, Anatomy or Physiology may be required to take an entrance exam through LCCC to determine the correct placement.  LCCC will take PSAT, PSSA or SAT in lieu of the entrance exam.
  • Any student interested in taking a course on-line should have regular access to internet services. 

How do you get started?

  1. Speak to your guidance counselor. 
  2. If eligible, students will be given paperwork that needs to be completed and turned into the guidance office.
  3. Each credit costs 70 dollars with most classes being three credit courses.  Payment for those classes will be due to the guidance office when submitting an application for class enrollment.  Checks or money orders should be made out to Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC).

 Commonly Asked Questions: 

1.      Will I receive any credits at LAHS for successful completion of LCCC courses?

           Yes! Although most LCCC classes are three credits, students will only receive one credit.  

2.      Can I take all my classes at LCCC and not attend LAHS?

           No! You must take a mininum of 3 class at LHS - Students may take 2 classes at LCCC for each semester (4 LCCC classes in 1 academic year).

3.      Will LAHS pay for course completed at LCCC?

             No! Tuition, textbooks, and other applicable fees are the responsibility of the student and/or parent/guardian at the onset of the class. 

4.      Is transportation provided for a course taken at LCCC campus or any satellite locations?

             No!  Transportation to and from the campus is the student’s responsibility