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8th Grade Math


8th Grade Math Course Expectations




This course will cover Pre-Algebra, Pre-Geometry, Measurement, Probability and Data Analysis. There nine chapters that we will get through by the end of the year. All of the material that we are going to cover is required according the Pennsylvania State Core Standards and Assessment Anchors.

Daily Preparation / Materials:


In addition to your textbook, for this course, you will need a three-ring binder that is ONLY FOR MATH with five sections: 1) Vocabulary, 2) Skill & Notes, 3.) Activities, 4.) Tech Labs/Projects and 5.) Tests and Quizzes. You will not have a need for a notebook or a folder since everything I give you will be three-hole punched but for note taking and daily activities, you will need loose-leaf paper. Your name should be clearly labeled on your textbook, binder, and all assignments. You must bring your binder with you on a daily basis. Binders go home nightly for homework. You must be prepared with pencils. Absolutely nothing will be accepted if it is written in ink. During class, the only materials allowed on your desk are materials for this class. Each student must have two homework buddies in case of absence from class or school.  There is only one classroom set of books so the textbooks stay in school but the students have access to the online textbook.




Homework will be assigned regularly, and completion of homework will count toward your grade. If you do not complete a homework assignment and you are not absent, you will receive a zero without the chance to make it up. Homework is written on the board everyday. It is the responsibility of the student to copy it down. If you are absent, you have one week to turn the assignments in. On the bulletin in the back of the room – labeled “What did you miss?”, there is a calendar with the daily assignments on it. When a student returns from an absence, it is their responsibility to look at the calendar to see what assignments they missed and to turn it in. If not turned in within a week, you will receive a zero.




Quizzes will be administered throughout the each unit. Some are done individually and some with a partner/group. The student will know a few days in advance when they are having a quiz so they will have ample time to study or ask for help or clarification in class. Each quiz is worth 25 or 50 points depending on how many questions are on it.



Throughout the year, you may have a few projects. Each project will have a different criterion that goes along with it. Some of the work will be completed in class with partners and other parts need to be completed at home. There will always be enough time given to complete these projects so an extension will not be given to anyone. Grades for late projects will drop that as follows: A to B+, B+ to B-, B- to C+, and so forth. Projects are worth 100 points.

Technology Labs:


Every Friday, the students will have an activity that will be completed on the computer. It will be graded as classwork. The point values for these activities will vary. If a student is absent, they ARE responsible to make up the missed assignment. If a computer is not available in the home, the student may come in the morning to make it up. Most of the activities can be found on my website as well.


Curriculum Assessments:


The students will be taking district-wide curriculum assessments. At the end of each marking period, the students will be required to take and pass the test for each cycle. These tests will evaluate the student’s mastery of the material. The curriculum had been design to coordinate with the Pennsylvania State Standards which is in direct correlation to the PSSA.


Monthly Choice Boards:


The first class day of every month, the students will be given a Choice Board. They will have to choose two (2) activities to complete. There are usually nine (9) activities to choose from. This will be due the last class day of the month but they can be turned in early. It will be counted as a test grade. These will NOT be accepted late. The students are given a month to complete it, they can turn it in on time.




All units will culminate with a test. Tests will vary in format – written test, project, etc. - but you will have a review class the day before regarding what to expect on the test. You will be informed of the date of a test at least one week in advance. Each test is worth 100 points of your overall grade. If you are absent the on the day of the test, you should be prepared to take a test on your first day back unless you have made arrangements with me. Frequent absences on test days are not looked upon kindly and may result in an automatic drop of one letter grade on the make-up test.




You are expected to be in class, participate in class, and complete classwork and homework assignments on a regular basis. Your presence in class is an important part of this course. You cannot learn the material if you are not in class for me to teach it to you.




You will earn your grade in this class through several components:


 tests - 100 points each


 quizzes – 50 or 25 points each


 projects - 100 points


 classwork - each assignment worth between 10 - 50 points


 class participation – an entire marking period grade out of 100 points


 homework – each assignment worth between 10 - 50 points

Grades are weighted as follows: Classwork 15%, Homework 10% and Assessments 75%. Assessments include tests, quizzes, projects and class participation. Feel free to ask how you're doing at any time during the marking period – before or after school, or access your grades online.


Extra Help:  

Please seek out extra help! Let me know during class if you are planning on stopping by after school for help.


Expectations: All students are expected to follow classroom rules posted as well as those mentioned in the Delcroft Handbook. My expectations are as follows:

Classroom Rules 


  1. Bring all needed materials to class.
    1. Sharpened Pencils, notebook, text, 2 folders
  2. Be in your seat and ready to work when class begins.
    1. Pencils sharpened
    2. Warm-up begun
    3. Homework out to be checked
  3. Respect and be polite to all people. 
  4. No eating in class!
  5. Respect others property.
    1. Keep room clean and neat
    2. Pick up after oneself (books and litter)
    3. Return borrowed property
    4. Use equipment carefully (computers and calculators)
    5. Get permission before using others materials