Mrs. DeFino's Math Page

Cool Math Websites

Since smartphones, iPads, etc. are part of the norm, here are a few apps to help enhance your math skills:

Engel’s Enigma,  Tower of Hanoi, Master Mind Code Breaker, Set Pro, Cut the Block, Move the Turtle

Slice It!, 3b3b, KenKen, Nine Gaps, Rubik’s Cube


Use the following websites to help you tease your brain! If you find any other exciting websites, please let Mrs. DeFino know!!

1. Math-Play:

Instructions: All types of games that you can practice many skills in 8th grade math.  There is a basketball game, Jeopardy, etc. Have fun!

2. Parking Zone:

Instructions: Drive each car to it's own parking zone. Click on a car to make it cross the bridge to the empty zone. You cannot move a car that is not connected to the empty zone

3. Frog Puzzle:

Instructions: Can you move the frogs to the otherside so that both frogs switch places?

4. Algebraic Reasoning:

Instructions: Learn how to think algebraically with these clever weighing scales. Levels 1 and 2 contain two scales. Level 3 is more difficult and has three scales. Your goal is to determine the weight of one or more of the objects.

5. Goat Crossing:

Instructions: The raft can carry only 2 people/animals crossing. The black goat cannot be left with any of the white goatlings unless the white goat is present. The white goat cannot be left with any of the black goatlings unless the black goat is present. The wolf cannot stay with any of the goats unless the farmer is present. Only the black goat, white goat, and farmer know how to use the raft for crossing. Click on the paddle to make the raft cross.

6. Sudoko:

Instructions: Put all the nine digits from 1-9 in each line vertically, horizontally, and within each 3 by 3 square. 

7. Bloxorz: (all 5 levels are here)

 Instructions: Get the rectangle to fall into the square to move onto the next level. Be aware of the falling and dissappearing blocks.

8. Math Playground:

Instructions:  Math playground is a place to practice all math skills from elementary and middle school math.  Lots of games for single or multiplayer fun!!


9. Cool Math 4 Kids:

Insturctions: This website has many different levels/ages for all sorts of math practice and fun!!

10. World's Hardest Game:

Instructions:  These games test your quickness and strategy making skills to move your figure to the other side.  Good Luck!!