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Welcome Parents & Students!

       This year I will be teaching General Physical Science and Concepts of Life in Room 228 at the High School.  Below you can download this year's course outline for your son or daughter's class. 

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      Since we are starting virtual this year, our learning platform will be Google Classroom.  Each week, I will post the weekly learning activities in the "class stream".  In the "Classwork" section, I will post the notes, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Documents, You-Tube Videos, Website and all of the resources you will need to complete each unit of study. 


Physical Science codes for Google Classrooms are:

Period 4  32uvtcp        Period 7/8  fc2hkv6      Period 9/10  7l6v66n     Period 11  r73ruye


Physical Science Course Outline:Physical Science Course Outline 2022-2023.docx

Concepts of Life codes for Google Classrooms are:

Period 3  jhw2boh        Period 12    rqwgxk3


Concepts of Life Course Outline:Concepts of Life Course Outline 2022-2023.docx