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Choice Board/STEM Project of the Month

The following are the Choice Boards for the year.

  1. Students are to complete two activities each month.
  2. These two will calculate as a test grade for that month.
  3. Student can complete one extra Choice Board per semester for extra credit!
  4. If the cover sheet is not handed in with the project, 5 points will be deducted from grade.

  5. A STEM Project can be complete INSTEAD of a Choice Board.
    1. You not CANNOT complete both.
  6. Time management + responsibility = great score!


8th Math Choice Boards

Algebra Choice Boards

STEM Projects

September Choice Board.pdf

October Choice Board.pdf

November Choice Board.pdf

December Choice Board.pdf

January Choice Board.pdf

February Choice Board.pdf

March Choice Board.pdf

April Choice Board.pdf

May Choice Board.pdf

June Choice Board.pdf

October Choice Board - Algebra.pdf

November Choice Board - Algebra.pdf 

December Choice Board - Algebra.pdf

January Choice Board - Algebra.pdf

February Choice Board - Algebra.pdf

April Choice Board - Algebra.pdf

May Choice Board - Algebra.pdf

October STEM.pdf

 November STEM.pdf

December STEM.pdf

January STEM.pdf

February STEM.pdf

March STEM.pdf

April STEM.pdf

May STEM.pdf