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Finding the College that's right for you

This can be a difficult task! Do you want to commute? Do you want to live on campus? Do you want to stay in state or move out of state? Do you want to go to a 2 year or 4 year school? So many options!! Check out the following website to help narrow the search:

College Search

College Raptor

PASSHE Schools

SAT Test

Students who are planning on attending a 4 year degree program university or college should take the SAT test at least once their Junior year of high school and again at the beginning of their Senior year.  The SAT test measures the students reasoning and verbal abilities. It measures Critical Reading, mathematics, and a required Writing Test. College Board also has practice tests and sample questions to help you prepare for the test. Sign up for the SAT Test here:


ACT Test

An alternative to the SAT test is the ACT test. Please check to ensure the college or university you are applying to takes ACT scores before you take the test. The ACT is an achievement test, which measures what a student has learned in school.  It measures 5 components: English, Mathematics, Reading, Science and an optional Writing Test.  The ACT also has in Interest Inventory that allows students to evaluate their interests in various career options. Sign up for the ACT test here:


Financial Aid Information

College bound students must complete the FAFSA for financial aid online.


If you missed Financial Aid Night-here is a YouTube Video of the event:


For more financial aid information, check out the following website:



Making College Financial Planning Count

This free resource provides an interactive overview of the college funding process including information about FAFSA, the types of financial aids available, and more.  Parents and students will also have access to the electronic College FundPath (TM) Worksheet, which allows families to customize their college funding strategy.


Scholarship Search

Useful website for scholarship searches and financial aid information:


For fast facts about scholarships and more information: Map Your Future


NCAA Eligibility

Student/athletes planning on participating in Division I or II college sports must complete the Clearinghouse Initial Eligibility form online.


Selective Service

Men must register for the Selective Service within 30 days of their 18th birthday.  The Selective Service now accepts early submission of registration information by 17 year old men.  The agency will hold this information and automatically register the individual when he turns 18.


Military Options

Military representatives frequently visit CMAVTS. Students 17 years of age and under must have parental permission to meet individually with students. The ASVAB test is offered to Junior and Seniors in the month of February each year and is free of charge. The ASVAB test needs to be taken by any student wishing to enlist in any military branch. For more information on the specific military branches, click on the links below:

Air Force


Coast Guard






College Planning