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Bully Prevention

Bullying has been the hot topic in the media recently.  Bullying can occur both in school and on the internet (cyber bullying).  If a student is being bullied on school property, the student should immediately report information regarding the incident to the School Counselor, Principal, or Director of Student Services.  Bullying is taken very seriously and our school aims to stop bullying as soon as we become aware of the incident.

More information on Bullying


Support Groups

Groups will be held for students on a weekly basis in the school setting.  Such topics as coping skills, anger management skills, and social skills will be addressed.  Students who wish to sign up for a group should contact the Blended Counselor, Ms. Flynn, in Student Services.  Permission forms will be sent home to parents before a student is able to join a group.  More information will be provided to students on a regular basis concerning topics of current groups.

Ms. Flynn can be reached at 570-784-8040 ext. 3359 or 



There is an open door policy and appointments are not required in Student Services.  We do ask that students come with a pass in hand from their teacher.  Students should not miss academic classes, unless it is an emergency.  The best time to see a counselor is during Enrichment or during Vocational Class time.  If your counselor is not available, please fill out a pink form and put it in the appropriate mailbox in Student Services.  


Community Resources available for help/support

CMSU MH/MR, Drug and Alcohol

This agency offers support for mental health case management, psychiatry, outpatient counseling, and drug and alcohol services.  Please feel free to contact CMSU at 570-275-4962. 

Tapline 24 hour crisis number: 1-800-222-9016.

Child Abuse Hotline


National Suicide Hotline