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Access your personal grade book online to see what homework you are assigned in classes or information on missing assignments.



Courses and Graduation Planning

Information on courses offered at our school as well as specific graduation requirements can be found using the link below.

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9th Grade Vocational Exploratory Program

As 9th graders, students will be able to experience four different vocational training programs. Each program lasts the duration of half a marking period, which is four and a half weeks. It is very important to us to have students scheduled for their top choices of vocational programs.  We try our best to ensure students get at least three of their top four choices.

Students will be asked to complete registration paperwork for their permanent vocational program towards the end of their fourth exploratory program. At this point in time, students must request their first choice shop in which they desire to spend the next three years. If the number of students that apply for a shop exceeds the number of slots available, the vocational teacher will then select students based upon shop grade, academic grades, behavior incidents, and other available information.