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Congratulations - you made it! 

When I was a teacher, I have to admit that I hated professional development workshops... it's kind of ironic that I am now responsible for providing them, don't you think?

One of my biggest complaints was that I left the workshop with nothing tangible that I could use in my classroom.  I promise you - that will NOT be the case in this class.  One of the primary things you will have when you leave me is a website, along with a collection of materials and resources that you can use in your classroom tomorrow!

To begin, let's take a look at the end - specifically, what you are going to end up with - a classroom website.  I've set up four sites that you can look at, depending upon what your current teaching situation is.


 Click on one of the options below to begin exploring a website....

I am an elementary teacher.

I am a middle school teacher.

I am a high school teacher.

I am an administrator.


REMEMBER: Just like our students, we all work at a different pace! If you finish early, please use this as an opportunity to Login and search for addional Materials & Resources to add to your ePortfolio… I’ll call you all back together as a group when everyone has finished.