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Welcome to Mrs. Middleschool's Eighth Grade Website! 

As a Registered User in the Standards Aligned System, educators have the ability to create a classroom website to use as an effective means of communication for students, parents and colleagues.  Creating this website took very little time, and I used the same skills that I need to use a word-processing program!  

Right now, each of you has a website floating out there in cyberspace... it looks very similar to this one.  Once you have mastered the tools in SAS, you can change this page to reflect what's happening in your classroom, post announcements, and direct your students to a world of learning opportunities!


We are going to go on a guided tour of this website. 
Follow the instructions (in red) on each page.  If for any reason you get lost, return to this page by clicking Home Page in the navigation at the left of this screen.  Then you can retrace your steps...
happy traveling!

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Begin by clicking on the
News & Announcements link on the navigation at the left - once you are there, read the Announcement for further instructions.