Port Allegany Jr/Sr High School Counselor


Art I                                                                                        semester          .5 credits

Art I is a developmental course in which the skills and techniques acquired in seventh grade art and history are explored in more depth.  A wide variety of artist-quality materials including colored pencil, pastel, acrylic paints, illustration and canvas board will be available to allow students to explore design possibilities.  Students will also explore common themes in contemporary art by completing a student sketchbook.  Students will also explore styles in art history from 1885 to present.  Students will learn to mat their work.

Art II                                                                                       semester          .5 credits

Drawing and graphic expression are stressed.  Pencil, scratchboard, pen and ink, and oil painting are the major concentrations.  Two dimensional design principles are refined and art history is touched upon.  Texture is explored in depth; techniques of modern art may be explored.  Students will gain experience in using an artist-quality mat cutter.  Drawings are more finished and the final product becomes important.  (Prerequisite:  Art I)

Art III                                                                                      semester          .5 credits

Composition, idea, and theme are considered in depth.  The student should evaluate himself/herself for effectiveness of production.  Students will continue to develop their personal styles using a variety of media including watercolor, ceramic clay, and pencil.  Larger formats are stressed.  Dramatic light sources and developing sensitivity to depicting a high degree of contrast are explored.  Painting on a stretched canvas and with palette knives are introduced.  (Prerequisite:  Art I)

Art IV                                                                                      semester          .5 credits

This is an advanced level course insofar as execution of personal expression.  It includes all media, art history, and individual approaches.  Students with art as a career choice are given the opportunity to further develop personal styles.  Painting is stressed with oil, acrylics, and watercolor.  Drawing with extreme detail is developed.  Provision is made for the student’s selection of subject matter.  Students have the opportunity to mat and frame their work.  (Prerequisite:  Art I)

Independent Art Study                                                                                semester        .5 credits

Some art students who cannot otherwise fit an elective course into their schedules may choose an independent study.  At least three independent projects must be completed each grading period.  The student-artist has an opportunity to concentrate on selected media or pursue an individual style.

(Prerequisite:  Art I)  An Independent Study must be approved by the instructor.  Independent Studies will be limited to 4-students total per semester.