Port Allegany Jr/Sr High School Counselor


Business Law                                                                  semester                     .5 credits

     The purpose of Business Law is to equip the student with a basic understanding of law as it affects them in their personal and professional experiences.  Topics include minor law, family law, the judicial system, employer-employee relationships, insurance, contract law, use/misuse of credit, and consumer protection.  This course is offered in alternating years. (Grades 11-12)


Computer Applications (Dual Enrollment)                semester                     .5 credits

     Students are introduced to the Microsoft Office applications of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  Students learn the multiple desktop publishing features in Microsoft Word.  Also, students learn basic fundamentals in making spreadsheets and charts in Excel.  A great deal of time is dedicated to the basic fundamentals of making spreadsheets and charts in Excel.  Also, students learn to apply skills to electronic presentations in PowerPoint.  College bound students will find these skills essential to their success.  Overall, typing, accessing data and formatting skills are required and perfected.  Prerequisite:  Personal Keyboarding.  Certain grade-level eligible students can obtain college credit through the dual enrollment program.


Word Processing I                                                         semester                     .5 credits

     In Word Processing I, the student continues mastery of the keyboard, proper posture and techniques learned in Personal Keyboarding.  Students master the following formatting skills:  placement and form of a variety of business letters and envelopes, various report styles, memorandums, and tables.  Utilizes Microsoft Word 2007 software on networked computers. (Grades 8-12)


Word Processing II                                                       semester                     .5 credits

     In Word Processing II, the student applies the knowledge gained in Word Processing I to compose and format advanced business and legal forms, letters, and tables.  In this course, students begin to complete simulations to encourage using their skills for a variety of projects.  Utilizes Microsoft Word software on networked computers.  Prerequisite:  Word Processing I.  (Grades 8-12)


Word Processing III                                                       semester                     .5 credits

     In Word Processing III, the student applies the knowledge gained in Word Processing II to compose and format word processing documents in advanced simulated situations, mail-merged documents, database management, and report formatting.  The simulations replicate real-life uses of word processing in a variety of work environments.  Utilizes Microsoft Word software on networked computers.  Prerequisites:  Word Processing II.  (Grades 9-12)


Word Processing IV                                                                   semester                     .5 credits

In Word Processing IV, the student applies the knowledge gained in Word Processing III to a comprehensive presentation of Word 2007.  In this course students will create a cover letter and resume.  The course includes formatting of documents with a title page, tables, charts, and watermarks.  Form letters, mailing labels, and professional newsletters formatting are also taught in this course.  This course provides skills for entry-level jobs where employers expect fine-tuned word processing skills.  Utilizes Microsoft Word software on networked computers.  Prerequisite:  Word Processing III.  (Grades 9-12)


Yearbook (Fall & Spring)                                                    semester                     .5 credits

     Students must be selected as a member of the yearbook staff to take this hands-on course.  Members of the yearbook staff can take this course in both the fall and spring for a total of 1 credit (.5 credits each semester).  Students will learn many aspects of developing a published yearbook.  Students will learn and apply skills for photography, journaling, page design, proofreading and some will be required to assert leadership skills.  Students who are interested must first see the Yearbook Advisor in April of the preceding year to apply for acceptance before they will be enrolled in the course.  (Grades 8-12)


Money $mart (Fall & Spring)                                               semester                   .5 credits

  You probably live with your family and at this point don't have to worry about financing the basic costs of living such as housing, utilities, and food.  Your money is available for personal use and the future with all its responsibilities seems far removed.

   Look again!  That time is just around the corner.  Your earning will be on the low side, you'll have little money management experience and no plan.  We invite you to participate in Money $mart and learn about paychecks, checking accounts and budgets, credit and more.  A financial literacy program will help you to understand and manage your financial resources -- an essential life skill.  (Grades 11-12)