Port Allegany Jr/Sr High School Counselor

English Electives


Journalism                                                                                 semester            .5 credit

This course introduces students to print and online media, video and broadcast.  The history of journalism, laws, ethics, news literacy and internet and social media responsibility will complement units of study.  Students will gather information and write hard news, features, sports and opinion articles.  Photojournalism and broadcast news will be introduced and explored.  (Grades 10-12)


Creative Writing                                                                          semester             .5 credit

In Creative Writing, students will explore techniques in writing short story, drama and poetry.  They will read examples of each genre and write using the conventions of that particular genre.  They will explore their own writing process and will be required to put together a portfolio of their work.  By the end of the class, students will be able to use various techniques and apply literacy devices in their own writing.  (Prerequisite:  English 10)  (Grades 11-12)