Port Allegany Jr/Sr High School Counselor

Technology Courses

Wood I                                                                                       semester                    .5 credit  

     Woodworking I is a project-oriented course in which students will be exposed to all phases of basic woodworking techniques. Students do not need experience with wood or woodworking machines, but will need to bring self-motivation and desire to class with them.  Students will work individually (with instructor assistance) on a project made of wood which is chosen to match their interests and needs.


Wood II                                                                                 semester                    .5 credit

     Students will develop a basic understanding of cabinet making, materials, and layouts.  Students should also demonstrate a basic understanding for the elements of joiner, fastening and processes involved in quality cabinetry.  Students must utilize the computer controlled router and/or laser engraver on their projects.  Prerequisite:  Wood I  (Grades 10-12)


Cabinet Making                                                                    semester                    .5 credit

     Students should develop an understanding of the history of cabinet making, materials, and layouts.  Skills will be developed in order for students to utilize tools, machines, joinery, and processes for problem solving.  Students should develop an understanding for special fixtures utilized in the production of trim and casework.  Students will also learn the processes involved in quality cabinetry.  Prerequisite:  Wood I, Wood II  (Grades 11-12)


Manufacturing Systems                                                     semester                    .5 credit

     Manufacturing Systems is an introductory course in which students analyze technical systems and various types of manufacturing processes, produce and investigate manufacturing outputs and aspects of research, development, and problem solving as they identify, design and produce products in a manufacturing technology laboratory.  Prerequisite: Wood I  (Grades 10-12)




     Students will use the knowledge and concepts taught in STEM I to explore in greater depth the various areas of technology including Biotechnology, Information technology, and Physical technology.  Students will work alone or in pairs at the various technology modules.  These modules include Aerodynamics Technology, Alternative Energy, Basic Electricity, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Publishing, Construction Technology, Digital Photography, Digital Video Production, Electronics Technology, Multimedia Production, Navigation and GPS, Space Technology, CNC Mill, and CNC Lathe.  Learning will be computer-based and all modules have hands-on activities or projects.  (Grades 9-12)