Port Allegany Jr/Sr High School Counselor

Science Electives

Astronomy                                                                              semester            .5 credit

     Students will learn to use various methods to find constellations, individual stars and the planets.  Students will study how and why ancient peoples used the celestial sky in their daily lives.  A tour of the planets and their relationship to Earth using math skills and basic chemistry will be explored.  Galaxies, meteors, asteroids, and our sun and moon will be addressed through various concepts meeting Science Standards of Pennsylvania.  Individual night observations will be a requirement. (Grades 11-12)


Basic Electronics                                                                  semester            .5 credit

     Students will learn the basic principles of electronics including the components and how they work.  The student will complete two projects including a telephone.  Prerequisite:  A good knowledge of basic mathematics is required.  (Grades 11-12)


Chemistry and Society                                                        semester            .5 credit

     Chemistry is the study of the substances in our world and how they interact with each other.  This class will cover both the benefits and the problems chemistry has brought to society.  Real life situations will be used to introduce the chemistry concepts and hands-on experimentation will be an important part of the course.  Students who are planning to take chemistry or have taken chemistry cannot take this course.  (Prerequisite:  General Biology)  (Grades 11-12)


Environmental Science                                                       semester            .5 credit

     This course will be an introduction to environmental and ecological science.  It will cover resulting environmental impacts and the risks associated with growth in a developing world.  It will also cover water resource uses, renewable and non-renewable sources for power generation, natural resources, and our water cycle.  Prerequisite:  Students must be currently taking Biology or have passed Biology.  (Grades 10-12)


Field Biology                                                                         semester            .5 credit

     Field biology will introduce the student to the methods used by biologists to solve problems in the field.  The student will learn classroom theory as well as do field work for a wide range of techniques.  Prerequisite:  Students must have successfully completed General Biology or Biology CP.  Offered in the spring only.  (Grades 10-12)


Forensic Science                                                                  semester            .5 credit

     This course will review, reinforce, and expand upon science concepts covered in earlier science courses through the application of those concepts in laboratory work related to forensic science.  Due to the popularity of forensic science in the media, students have developed an interest in the techniques, methods, and careers relating to crime scene investigation.  This course will allow students to explore these interests through the application of scientific inquiry in the investigation of different types of evidence through observation, collection, and classification of data to the testing and analysis of the information collected.  Students will also be required to present and interpret data with graphs as well as communicate and defend scientific argument.  A multidisciplinary approach will be taken to incorporate a variety of scientific fields as well as mathematics, probability, sociology, and law.  Prerequisite:  Students must have successfully completed BiologyCP, Chemistry, and have successfully completed or be concurrently enrolled in Physics.  (Grade 11)


Forestry                                                                                 semester            .5 credit

     This course will introduce students to the methods used in forestry management, tree identification and timber grading/marketing.  Students will learn classroom theory as well as do field work for wide range techniques.  Emphasis will be placed on practices and species of economic importance to North Central Pennsylvania.  Prerequisite:  Students must have taken General Biology or Biology CP.



Investigative Techniques                                                   semester            .5 credit

     The student will study science in a hands-on, project-oriented way.  Topics may be drawn from a variety of science disciplines.  Students who have taken any college preparatory science courses or plan to take any college preparatory science courses cannot take this course.  This course can only be taken once.  (Grades 10-12)


Science Research                                                                 semester            .5 credit

     An advanced course in scientific research designed to provide students possessing a strong background in the natural sciences the opportunity to initiate, carry out, and conclude a research project.  Independent Study.  Student must make arrangements with a member of the science faculty.  (Grade 12)


Wildlife Ecology                                                                   semester            .5 credit

     This course studies the interrelationships between plants and animals and their environments.  Emphasis is placed on the wildlife of North Central Pennsylvania and the role man has in managing their habitat.  Prerequisite:  Students must have successfully completed Biology CP or Biology.   (Grades 10-12)