University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Teacher Education Program

Degree Completion Forms



For specific course requirements by major, you can open one of the following degree completion (advising) forms.  Your advisor will use one of these forms to keep track of your progress, but you are ultimately responsible for knowing the program requirements.

Biology Advising Form Apr 2022.pdf
Business Ed Advising Form Apr 2022.pdf
Chemistry Advising Form Apr 2022.pdf
Early Level Advising Form Jan 2023.pdf
English Advising Form Oct 2022.pdf
Health and PE Advising Form Apr 2022.pdf
Mathematics Advising Form Apr 2022.pdf
Social Studies Advising Form Apr 2022.pdf

Below are documents showing a suggested course of study to complete your degree in 4 years.

Biology Ed 4-Year Plan OCT 2022.pdf
Business, Comp and Info Ed 4-Year Plan OCT 2022.pdf
Chemistry Ed 4-Year Plan Apr 2022.pdf
Early Level Education 4-Year Plan Jan 2023.pdf
English Ed 4-Year Plan Oct 2022.pdf
Health and PE 4-Year Plan Apr 2022.pdf
Mathematics Ed 4-Year Plan Apr 2022.pdf
Social Studies Ed 4-Year Plan Apr 2022.pdf

Pitt-Bradford Academic Programs

"In order to obtain a job close to home, I had to endure the New York State certification process . . . I am happy to say that because of the expert guidance from the Pitt-Bradford staff, I took and passed every single component of the New York State certification tests the first time! Thank you Dr. Dombek and all of my other education instructors!"

Patty Blakesslee, '17
5th Grade Teacher
Seneca Intermediate School
Salamanca, NY

"I constantly go back to my college folders and use resources that we created in our methods courses. These resources have kept my students engaged and loving reading and social studies (subjects that oftentimes many students do not find enjoyable). The education program at Pitt helped me prepare for the teaching world in many ways."

Melissa Nye, '20
3rd Grade Teacher
GREEN Charter School
Greenville, SC