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Lesson Plans


For grade levels » (7th-12th)

duration » 1 session per day until school resumes (about 30 minutes per session). Students will complete a total of 5 works of art per semester.

Subject: Middle/High School Art

objective: I can use the Elements and Principles of art to create drawings, paintings, sculptures or movies. I can use good craftsmanship to complete my art. I can use additional resources, such as drawing videos or images for inspiration.

assessment: Students will be assessed based on the images that they upload to their Artsonia account, ( If a student does not have internet or an Artsonia account, they will compile a sketchbook and bring drawings/pictures back to school once we resume. Students will need to complete their art using good craftsmanship.

rubric: Craftsmanship

materials & procedure


Required Materials:


Drawing Utensil (pen, pencil, marker, colored pencils or crayons)

Optional Materials:

Paint, Newspaper, Magazines/Paper Collage, Chalk Pastels , Oil Pastels, Wood, Video Recorder or Found Objects


1. Have the students choose a theme that they will create a 2-D or 3-D artistic representation of.

2. Review craftsmanship image and encourage students to take their time when completing their art.

3. Encourage students to explore images or videos that may help them to complete their art using good craftsmanship.

4. Have students complete their art using the art materials of their choice.

5. Take a picture of the student’s artwork and upload it to the Artsonia. Answer the questions that are required after upload.