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About Me

About Me:
I was born in Palmerton, PA and raised in Lehighton.  I am the
oldest of 5 children.  I have 1 brother and 3 sisters.

I have been married for 41 years and have lived in Alliance, OH,
Peoria, IL, and Macungie, PA.  My husband, Paul is an outside
sales consultant. We have 2 wonderful daughters, Dawn is a
veterinarian/owner  of St. Francis Animal Hospital in Lehighton/Tamaqua
and is married to Patrick Mriss.  They have a 9 year old daughter,
Brynn and a 7 year old son,Brian.                                                      

Tara is a special education teacher at the Lehighton Area Middle School and is married to Daniel Derr.  They have a 7 year old son, Parker and  Phoenix, 3 years old. We love spending time with our grandchildren. Reading, riding bike, kayaking and hiking with them is so much fun.

After graduating from Lehighton High School in 1974, I attended
Mansfield State College.  I earned a BS degree in Elementary
Education with a concentration in Early Childhood Education in
December 1978.  After graduating from college I substituted in
Parkland, Pleasant Valley and Lehighton Districts.  I did this until
my second daughter was born and then moved on to own and
operate Small World Day Care Center until 2002.  I returned to
teaching in the public district and have been at Mahoning
Elementary for 15 years.  I love to teach and my students are so much fun.
 I smile everyday as I come to school and look forward to a new adventure.

Kayak, bike ride, hike, read, and joy of teaching children.