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January 22-26,2018

Monday - Day 4- Library - Remember library book

 Tuesday - Day 5- Art- Successmaker

Wednesday - Day 1- Gym - remember sneakers

Thursday - Day 2- Technology

Friday - Day 3- Music


Please look in the back of M.O.O.S.E. folder for your child's classroom calendar.  This helps you to see what is going on everyday.  Please have your child write numbers 1-31 and color blocks white.  Please return on Feb. 1 for a homework grade.   




January  Students of the Month:


Savanna Heckman

Ivan Leupold


Behavior/Good Listening Skills

Eyes watching

Ears listening

Voices quiet

Body still



Golden ticket will be earned by:

B.- be safe

     R. - respectful

   A. - attentive

            V. - very responsible

     E. - exceptional




ELA - English Language Arts

Topic 13

 I will be sending home a Focus Wall snapshot which will name books read, letters studied, concepts of print and vocab and sight words.  Also a family letter with activities will be sent home.  There are fun songs, activities to help reinforce what is being learned in class.  This in not homework, however, you may do any activitiy and send in for your child to receive a sticker.   

Review  sight words: you, what


Essential Question: How do animals use their different body parts?   We will be reading informational texts and poetry .  Take time to look and talk about writings that are coming home.  Your children are learning to start their letters at the top.  About capital letters at the beginning of sentences and periods at the end of the sentence.  Talk about reading left to right as you read the books sent home in their reading folder.  

We will be reviewing writing and recognizing our name and those of our classmates.  When practicing writing names remember these two rules.  

1.  Always start writing at the top of the line and bump on the bottom line.  

2.  Begin with a capital letter and use lowercase letters for the remainder of your name.

We will be learning about letter F,f , reading rate, final sounds and blending phonemes.   

Extra practice and stories are availalbe on the Thinkcentral website.



Math-Topic 5- Numbers to 20

Unit Benchmark - Topics 1-4 - Monday

Extra practice is available on the Pearson website.



















News & Announcements