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What's Happening in Mrs. Kocher's Kindergarten Class

June 5-12, 2017


Monday - Day 5 - art

  Tuesday - Day 1- gym and technology

Wednesday - Day 2- Water Fun Day

Thursday - Day 3 Music

Friday - Day 4 - Library- Early Dismissal - 1:00 p.m.

Monday -  Early Dimissal - 1:00 p.m.





June Birthdays

Larkin Klotz


July Birthdays

Brian Mriss

Jayden Leiby

Noah Solski


August Birthdays

Parker Derr

Jordan Rivera

Adelenne Yenser






School and Classroom Procedures

This week in kindergarten, we will be discussing the STEP process in problem solving.  

Say the problem, Think about the problem, Examine the consequences and Pick the Solution that works best.  

A focus wall paper has been sent home each week in your child's  folder.  This will give you the information about what we  are learning in class each week.  At the front of the folder are suggestions for each day to help reinforce what we are learning.  You may initial the areas completed at home.  Your child will earn a sticker for each area initialed.  

Rhymes-  Listen for and identify words or picture words that rhyme.  We have begun reading, and writing words from the "ut" family.  

Letters- We are focusing Y,y and Q,q

Last new high frequency word-  ask, look, saw,  .  These words are words that the students are expected to read upon sight.Look for these words in stories read. Highlight these words in magazines and newspapers.They will be getting two new words per week.  They will be put in an index ring and sent home to review weekly. Please take apart the cards and shuffle to help your child read without memorizing their order. These words rings need to be  returned in order to continue adding to the ring for the remainder of the year. 

We will read informational texts and realistic fiction about being the youngest in a family unit.     

We will be talking about context clues.

Writing- Your child will be expected to use capital letters at the beginning of all sentences and end with a punctuation mark.  They will be identifying period, question mark and exclamation point.





Students will learn how measure using attributes: length, height, capacity, and weight.
















News & Announcements