Mr. Visnosky: Sixth Grade Reading

Wicked History Links

Learn More About the Life and Times of the Biography/Autobiography Subjects

Julius Caesar- Videos, facts, timeline
Julius Caesar- Facts and information about anceint Rome

Harry Houdini-Information about his life and times
Harry Houdini: The Life of Harry Houdini-Great site with facts and information

Mary Tudor - QueenMary Tudor- 5 facts people might not know
Mary Tudor Biography

The Real Dracula: Vlad the Impaler
Dracula's Castles
Dracula's Homepage-information about Vlad the Impaler as well as fictional Draculas
Dracula: The Metamorphosis of a Friend- Facts about Vlad and an interview with a Dracula expert

King George III- A biography of King George with pictures
King George III- Interactive Timeline
King George III-Proclamation of Rebellion (What he said about the Declaration of Independence)


Alexandar the Great-Watch Know Learn videos about Alexandar and his conquests
Alexandar the Great-Facts, worksheets, History
Alexandar the Great-Map of his conquests and Battles
Alexandar the Great- More cool maps and interactive pages


Catherine the Great-Encylopedia Britannica
Catherine the Great-Many Pictures
Catherine the Great-BBC History Profile
Face of Russia-Russian History Timelines and Resources