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The video I am watching seems very choppy, and keeps stopping and starting.  What should I do?

Streaming media players buffer a small percentage of a video before beginning to play it. Differences in the buffering time will depend on the network you are accessing the video on, so if you have a slow Internet connection you may want to allow more time for it to buffer before attempting to play it.

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Are the videos close-captioned?  Can I play them full-screen?

All of the videos are close-captioned, and can be played full-screen.  There is a toolbar at the bottom of the media player there is a toolbar that controls those options.  To view the close-captioning, click the icon that resembles a speech bubble.  To view a video full-screen, click on the icon with an arrow on it.

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A number of the Titles for the videos are similar.  How can I tell what a video is about, and how long it is?

To see a description of a video, along with its running time, click View Details underneath the video's Title.

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