Welcome to Fundations level 2!  Below you will find a variety of printable items for you and your family to use as a resource:

Home support packs:

Unit 1.pdf
Unit 2.pdf
Unit 3.pdf
Unit 4.pdf
Unit 5.pdf
Unit 6.pdf
Unit 7.pdf
Unit 8.pdf
Unit 9.pdf
Unit 10.pdf
Unit 11.pdf
Unit 12.pdf
Unit 13.pdf
Unit 14.pdf
Unit 15.pdf

To print a helpful bookmark, click here:   reading.strategies.CHEAT.SHEET.students.pdf

For level 2 Story time stories-click here:story timeLevel 2.pdf

Alist of trick words (also known as sight words)Trick words L2.doc   

A colorful printable mini-poster with vowel teams and welded sounds for phonics and spelling practice vowelteamsweldeddigraphs.pdf

A sign to assist with letter formation and to prevent reversals:D_Bsign.pdf